Other Opportunities for Delegation/Public Input

  • Delegations, communities, and individuals are encouraged to provide data, opinions, and feedback via the BRAC commission website (www.brac.gov). All written submissions will be considered part of the public record of the BRAC Commission.
  • The Commission encourages state and community representatives to meet with Commission senior staff members at the Commission offices in Arlington, VA (2521 South Clark Street, Suite 600) and to provide data that supports, counters, or corrects any DoD data that was used to formulate BRAC recommendations.
  • Community representatives and elected officials have a limited opportunity to meet with Commissioners in conjunction with base visits (after the visit and predicated by travel schedules). Commissioners and installation Commanders may, at their discretion, allow the Governor, Senators, and Members of Congress associated with the installation to be present during the base visit. It will be made clear to the elected officials that their role is strictly limited to that of observer.
    • The installation Public Affairs and Commission staff representative will coordinate how much, if any, time can be made available to the community or press.
    • Any activity beyond the base visit must be approved by the visiting Commissioner.

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 Other Opportunities for
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