Final Report to the President

Requesting Copies of the Commission Report to the President

Below are links to the BRAC Commission Report to the President. In order to facilitate use of the Report, we have presented it in three different versions. The first is as two separate volumes. The second is as separate files for each of the separate sections that make up the Report. And finally, the last link will provide you with the complete report.

Report Volumes I & II

Volume One (3.6 MB)

    - Contains the Executive Summary and Chapters 1-4

Volume Two (6.85 MB)

    - Contains Appendices A-T and the Index by State and the Index by Recommendation

Individual Sections of the Final Report to the President

Volume One

Cover Letter to the President (449 KB)

Executive Summary (150 KB)

Chapter 1:   Commission Findings & Recommendations

Commission Strategic Overview (143 KB)

Army (548 KB)

Navy/Marine Corps (351 KB)

Air Force (609 KB)

Education & Training (216 KB)

Headquarters & Support Activities (392 KB)

Industrial (277 KB)

Intelligence (144 KB)

Medical (221 KB)

Supply & Storage (200 KB)

Technical (290 KB)

Chapter 2:  Issues for Further Consideration (176 KB)

Chapter 3:  Previous Experience with Base Closures (150 KB)

Chapter 4:  The 2005 BRAC Process (353 KB)

Volume Two

Table of Contents (127 KB)

Appendix A:  Abbreviations (142 KB)

Appendix B:  Definitions (210 KB)

Appendix C:  BRAC Statute (280 KB)

Appendix D:  Force Structure Plan (207 KB)

Appendix E:  Final Selection Criteria (188 KB)

Appendix F:  Closures and Realignments by State, 1988-1995 (230 KB)

Appendix G: Commissioners' Biographies (517 KB)

Appendix H:  Staff List (516 KB)

Appendix I:  Hearings Held by Commission (158 KB)

Appendix J:  Commissioner and Staff Base Visits (210 KB)

Appendix K:  DoD Closure and Realignment Recommendations List (6.6 MB)

Appendix L:  Bases Added by the Commission, 2005 (156 KB)

Appendix M:  COBRA Analysis of Commission Final Recommendations (198 KB)

Appendix N:  COBRA Comparison of BRAC 1988-2005 (134 KB)

Appendix O:  Economic Impact of Commission Final Recommendations (424 KB)

Appendix P:  Selected Environmental Remediation Costs (160 KB)

Appendix Q:  Commission's Final Recommendations (884 MB)

Appendix R:  Legislative Proposal (247 KB)

Appendix S:  "Life After BRAC" Resource Finder (182 KB)

Appendix T:  Maps (5.8 MB)

Index by State (319 KB)

Index by Recommendation (150 KB)

Complete Report

2005 Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission Report (9.47 MB)

Errata Notices

Errata notice (Sept. 8, 2005) (36 KB)
Errata notice (Sept. 9, 2005) (83 KB)
Errata letter to the President (Sept. 12, 2005) (55 KB)
Errata letter to the President (Sept. 13, 2005) (55 KB)
Errata notice (Sept. 19, 2005) (71 KB)
Errata letter to the President (Sept. 22, 2005) (100 KB)

Letter of September 8, 2005 to the President regarding the injunction issued by the United States District Court, District of Connecticut.

Requesting Copies of the Commission Report to the President:

The Commission has produced sufficient copies of the report to accommodate limited public distribution. If you would like to receive a copy, please contact the Commission at 703-699-2950. All printed copies also include a CD-ROM insert which contains the report in a searchable electronic format.

  • If you are located near our main office in Crystal City, Virginia and can physically pick up copies, please inform our receptionist with your name, telephone number, and how many copies you would like, and we will have them waiting for you at the Commission's front office (6th floor, Suite 600).
  • If you want copies of the report mailed to you, please give us your name, full address (we cannot send to P.O. Box numbers), telephone number, and your FedEx account number. If you do not provide an account to which we can bill the mailing costs, there is a possibility that we may not be able to accommodate your request.

If you would like an electronic CD-ROM copy (without the printed paper report), the Commission has produced a limited number of CD-ROMs available at no charge upon request. The CD-ROM may be particularly useful for persons who do not have broadband internet access and therefore cannot easily download the electronic copy of the report, and who do not want or need the two-volume, 760+ page printed paper report.